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We enable organizations and individuals in their journey to constantly innovate and reinvent. Our motto is to help them be agile, open, welcome change, continuously evolve, and yet be in equilibrium, to somehow be in a state of constant flux and yet be stable, much like a Benzene ring.


Lotus in our logo is an extension of that same concept of equilibrium, of beauty amidst the chaos. It is self-regenerating, self-existent, and continuously reproduced from its matrix. Each petal opening is a progressive unfolding of our path to the end state, negotiating the murky, muddy waters to realize one’s potential.

Benzne Consulting


Benzne is amongst the top 5 Agile Consulting Companies in India. We have consistently been ranked as top agile consultancy by Clutch.

Our core focus is driving business outcome led agile transformation journeys. While many orgs hire permanent agile coaches in their teams, we believe there is more value to get with external consulting.

  • Our consulting team has led multiple fast-paced, value-driven agile adoptions across various clients, domains, teams, and geographies
  • Time-bound, framework agnostic, business metrics driven agile adoption.
  • Outside-in approach to leverage best-in-class consulting/coaching while you continue to focus on your ‘core’ business, leaving the culture, mindset, practices, tools, ceremonies, artefacts, and most importantly, getting actual benefits of being an ‘agile’ organization early in the journey to us.

We have completed 14+ Transformation Journeys in four years of our journey as an Agile consulting startup, helping transform teams & products across fintech, insurance, semiconductors, healthcare, SaaS, non-IT, Proptech and Crypto companies. Till date, 3500+ professionals have been coached, trained, & certified by our expert coaches & trainers.

To experience the difference – give an opportunity to our team of Hands-on Agile practitioners! We are just a call or an email away!

Reach out to us at consult@benzne.com.


Alok Dimri - co-founder of benzne consulting

Alok Dimri is the co-founder and leads the overall business at Benzne, where he is responsible for strategy, client and consultant partnerships, and a whole lot of other core business activities like solutioning, branding, and customer engagement.

Over the past 16 years, he has worked extensively in business strategy, new business development, and key account management initiatives across process consulting and training domains.

Alok is passionate about business transformation, history, cinema, and Vedanta.

Anuj Ojha - co-founder of benzne consulting

Anuj M Ojha is the co-founder and head of delivery at Benzne, where he is responsible for overall engagement execution, delivery, and Agile Center of Excellence.

Over the past 16 years, he has led and successfully delivered multiple org-wide Agile Transformation journeys, trained more than 15,000 people on Agile, and coached 250+ teams across the world. His special area of interest is bringing in business agility, an appropriate mindset & enriching culture.

Anuj is passionate about quantum physics, spirituality, and traveling around.



  • Agile leadership workshops for one of India’s largest FMCG company
  • Agile ways of working learning intervention for a global professional service giant
  • Agility Health Assessment & Transformation roadmap design for a global healthcare service provider


  • Designed and implemented Agile Transformation for non-IT teams at one of the Big-4 global firm
  • Turnkey Agile Transformation journey for a UK based PropTech leader
  • Agile Consulting and coaching for a leading crypto exchange start-up in India
  • Multiple DevOps Learning interventions for a leading Telecom organization & an automotive major
  • Multiple Agile Learning interventions for leading Healthtech org, Big 4 Consulting & a major US multinational financial services company
  • Multiple Psychological Safety Workshop for Senior & middle management of an insurance client.
  • SAFe led Agile Transformation for a leading healthcare company across India and US
  • Immersive Agile Induction Workshops for India’s leading MNC group across its 2 different locations.


  • Led Organisational agility at major Insurance firm by bringing inter-functions fluidity Read more…
  • Custom Agile and Design Thinking learning interventions for one of the biggest IT org in India, a IT Infra giant and a Insurance major in Philippines
  • Agility Health Assessment for a German automative major and a UK based PropTech leader


  • Transitioned our existing engagements to remote intervention successfully,
  • worked with old clients to put business continuity plan in place as we move to remote workplace due to Covid-19 pandemic
  • Agile at Scale intervention led by Spotify Model for a leading Product Engineering and Semiconductor Design Services Firm. Read more…
  • Designed and Delivered coach-the-coaches program from a global client


  • Benzne founded with a core focus of driving outcome based turnkey Agile & DevOps transformation.
  • We onboard our first customer! A global leader in Payment solutions. Read more…
  • Diamond sponsor & Keynote for NCR Scaling Agile & Testing Summit 2019.
  • Agile learning intervention for South East Asia’s leading SuperApp
  • Waterfall to Agile transformation for an entire Payment Solutions group in Petroleum Domain. Read more…
  • Agile learning Intervention for a SaaS based customer lifecycle management and mobile marketing giant