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Feb 2019
Benzne founded with a core focus of driving outcome based turnkey Agile & DevOps transformation.
Mar 2019
We onboard our first customer! A global leader in Payment solutions.
May 2019
We are the diamond sponsor for NCR Scaling Agile & Testing Summit 2019. Benzne gets the keynote speaker, a session on scaling Agile and panel slot.
June 2019
First Training workshops delivered for a leading global fintech company
Aug 2019
We onboard our second consulting customer, a waterfall to Agile transformation for an entire Payment Solutions group in Petroleum Domain
Nov 2019
Our first customized training intervention for a global client, a leading tech start-up
Dec 2019
Multiple Agile role based Training Intervention for a SaaS based customer lifecycle management and mobile marketing giant
Feb 2020
Start turnkey Agile transformation engagement for an IT service organization
Mar 2020
Covid!! Transitioned our existing engagements to remote intervention successfully, worked with old clients to put business continuity plan in place
May 2020
Agile at Scale intervention led by Spotify Model for a leading Product Engineering and Semiconductor Design Services Firm
Feb 2021
Started Agile Transformation journey for a Healthcare insurance giant
April 2021
Series of customized agile fundamentals and Design Thinking batches for multiple clients
More About Benzne
“We enable organizations and individuals in their journey to constantly innovate and reinvent, to help them be agile, open, welcome change, continuously evolve and yet be in equilibrium, to somehow be in a state of constant flux and yet be stable, much like a Benzene ring.”

“Lotus in our logo is an extension of that same concept of equilibrium, of beauty amidst chaos, it is self regenerating, self existent, continuously reproduced from its own matrix, each petal opening is progressive unfolding of our path to end state, negotiating the murky, muddy waters to realise ones own potential.”