Case Studies

Org agility at major Insurance firm by bringing inter-functions fluidity

Organisational Agility case study


Our Client wants to bring new ways of working to adapt to changing trends and inculcate one team mindset.


The org has hierarchical structure, bureaucracy & hand-over delays. Almost all initiatives are dependent on multiple functions with conflicting interest, siloed management, lack of ownership & resistance to change.


Traditional SDLC models are loosely implemented, escalations & interpersonal relationships are used to resolve bottlenecks and there is a lack of new age project management to improve visualisation which is a necessity in remote working environments caused due to pandemic


A year long transformation journey, identified pilot projects, formed PODs, trained ~80+ members across functions, defined process frameworks, formulated Agile Community with 70+ members & 7 core committee leaders


Implemented Scrum in a ~50 member digital program involving multiple functions, vendors & systems with periodic agility health assessments & scaling using SPOTIFY agile model


Teams were coached on collaboration tools & techniques. Project Program Management governance framework was redefined with product discovery, business metrics & client centricity aspects. Periodic showcase to leaders on value delivered & this improved trust and bond between levels 


Streamlined POD structure to create ONE TEAM mindset for faster resolution, quick decision making & meaningful communication. Improved visibility at leadership levels through weekly insights using measurable indicators on online dashboards (also RAID logs, RAG reports & other BAU)


Simplified cumbersome business requirement documentation activities through shorter feedback loops, outcome based brainstorming sessions & interactive, simple knowledge base. Agenda based timeboxed meetings enhanced discipline, focus, & productivity essential for remote working.


Jira dashboards, Velocity, Gantt, burndown charts & many more metrics designed to visualize progress, quality, risks, impediments and others. ‘Agile Ready Reckoner’ and ‘Agile Playbook’ prepared for stakeholders at various levels

Business Agility Transformation for a global leader in payments solutions

Business Agility


Our client is creating an omnichannel solution that once developed will replace the specific regional solutions & has more than 20+ components who need to work in tandem to deliver against the market commit dates. Leadership wants execution certainty at all levels – from individual performance till portfolio success.


Business drivers – Transparency, Predictability, Time to market, End user satisfaction, Quality, Measurable outcomes/ productivity, Cost saving, Performance Optimization, Continuous Monitoring.


22 component teams

6 Regions

A Group size of 130+ engineers

2 coaches working closely with the teams for 12 months


Created COE, developed ScrumMaster, Product Owner roles and introduced Automation


Started with creating 4 success stories and within months scaled agility across all components throughout the Omnichannel solution.


Scrum of scrums resolved Inter-team dependencies & alignment to shared goals in parent backlog. Burndown chart & velocity tracking minimized commit dates anomalies. Sprint cycles of all 20+ component teams were synced to bring program level transparency & predictability


Control charts to visualise wastes & reducing lead & cycle time
Cumulative flow diagram helped us in managing input queue & workload
Frequent reviews at component, inter-component & region level helped us visualising end to end workflow & improving regression cycles to promote continuous testing and seamless production release

Agile at Scale led by Spotify Model for a leading Product Engineering Firm

agile at scale led by Spotify model


Our client is serving their UK based partner for digital projects on audio domain. Here the software & hardware intervention is key and there has been huge dependency on availability devices by OEMs

Communication among all stakeholders – development team is based in India, the product owners are based in US, project coordinator is in Taiwan and project sponsors are based in UK

Business drivers – Transparency, Predictability, Time to market, End user satisfaction, Quality, Measurable outcomes/ productivity, Cost saving, Performance Optimization, Continuous Monitoring.


4 Scrum teams & multiple business leaders

Distributed teams across 2 Regions

A Group size of 38 engineers

Pilot Spotify Agile model

2 coaches working closely with the teams for 3 months remotely


Streamlined reporting and metrics Created COE, developed ScrumMaster, Product Owner roles and introduce Behavior Driven Development.


Restructured teams to make them more focused towards client expectations with fully dedicated resources and stable outlook to avoid context switching.. Resolved challenges of Distributed teams like language, cross culture & time zone differences.


In remote working, it was imp not to get trapped in zillion meetings., concept of ‘no meeting zones’ to optimize  productive time was implemented.


We scaled using Spotify Agile model, cross-team technical knowledge sharing group to benefit from economy of scale. Metrics & reports to bring visibility to all including client, Improvised project management tool – JIRA and made it more relevant.

Waterfall to Agile transition for a Payment Solutions group in Petroleum Domain

Waterfall to Agile Transition


Our client is focused on providing end to end user experience at gas stations in North America & South America which includes Point of Sale, Forecourt, Food Services and other areas. The teams were working on legacy systems and need to upgrade to new systems while supporting new digital requirements of their customers


The group was distributed across India, US and Canada


Teams were of varied agenda – customer projects, new initiatives, technical excellence


Have been working in waterfall and have no experience on agile ways of working.


13 Scrum teams & multiple business leaders

2 Regions, Distributed Teams

A Group size of 105 engineers

3 coaches working closely with the teams for 12 months


Implemented business contingency plan for the effects caused due to covid-19. Implemented scaled agile approach – SAFe. Bridging cross culture gaps and bringing harmony in distributed teams and hierarchy.


Product discovery was internalized to bring  client centricity through persona mapping & user journeys. Teams were trained &  coached teams on Essential SAFe & preparing incremental cadence


Enact business contingency plan to cope up with immediate remote working situation due to pandemic and ensure BAU.


Conducted 6 months programs to train the in-house Scrum Master & Product Owner candidates to ensure self-organizing trait across the group


Ensured fulfilment of business KPI of timely delivery and visibility of progress.

Organizational Agility in a major IT Services firm

Organizational Agility in IT Firm


Our Client is one of the major IT services firm. They build intelligent solutions for their customers by applying data driven approach to enhance their customer experience & improve productivity.


They want to streamline their delivery process to ensure all the projects follow agile ways of working to support various models like TNM, Fixed bid and retainer models.and support their customers ( existing and New) increased demand of agile delivery methodology


Key Business Demands – Need Streamlined process, KPI metrics, reporting to drive predictability productivity, transparency, improved customer collaboration and overall quality of delivery


Coached 300+ engineers on agile ways of working

Implemented Scrum in 19 teams

Implemented Kanban in 4 teams

Role based coaching and training for 15 Project managers

Jira best practice trainings and coaching for 23 Project teams


Streamlined metrics and reporting with a common template for all projects


Setup Process compliance to track and validate agile adoption


Trainings and handholding the entire workforce ensured relevant agile knowledge within the organisation


Project level hands-on coaching for the teams, key stakeholders helped driving of all the projects with appropriate agile frameworks


Automated Jira reports helped teams, customers and key stakeholders to track the metrics and reporting was seamless


Introduction to discovery sessions ensured harmony between customers, sales and delivery teams


Velocity chart, control chart, cumulative flow diagram, burndown chart, and other metrics helped the stakeholders with execution certainty