Agile Project Management Workshop Course Outline


One Day Workshop


1. Recap – Agile & Scrum approach to project development

a. What is Agile & Why Agile?
b. Comparing Agile & Traditional Approach mindset
c. Mapping of Scope, Cost & Time
d. Agile Approaches: Scrum, Kanban, XP overview
e. Role of a Manager in Agile/ Scrum environment
f. Scrum Roles – Expectations setting
g. Comparing roles Manager/ Product Owner/ Scrum Master


2. Levels of planning

a. Vision, Portfolio & Product planning
b. Release, Sprint planning & Daily planning
c. Story Mapping
d. Persona Mapping
e. Story writing session
f. Prioritization techniques
g. Estimation – T-shirt sizing & Story points
h. Scope, Cost & Time realization – both fixed and variable
i. Planning Poker
j. DOR and DOD concepts
k. Release – Sprint Zero & Hardening Sprint Concepts
l. Sprint Execution
m. Rolling Wave Planning
n. Release Burn-up chart


3. Understanding Velocity and Capacity

a. What is Velocity? – Understanding Velocity
b. Measuring Velocity & projecting future trends
c. How Velocity Helps with Planning?
d. Estimating Initial Velocity
e. Capacity Planning


4. Agile Metrics – relevant

a. Burn down & Burn up charts
b. Lead & Cycle time
c. Velocity


5. Conclusion