Behaviour Driven Development


Duration: 1 Day

Behavioural Driven Development (BDD) is a software development approach that has evolved from TDD (Test Driven Development). It differs by being written in a shared language, which improves communication between tech and non-tech teams and stakeholders. In both development approaches, tests are written ahead of the code, but in BDD, tests are more user-focused and based on the system’s behaviour.

Course Outcome

  1. Understand Behavior driven development and its essence.
  2. Write efficient user stories and acceptance criteria
  3. Understand how cucumber works with Gherkin
  4. Write Feature file, Scenarios and step definitions
  5. How to integrate Cucumber framework with Selenium webdriver
  6. Execute cucumber tests and generate a report

Course Outline

1. Sensitisation on BDD. Overview of BDD and it’s importance

  • Introduction to BDD
  • Crafting INVESTale Stories
  • Defining SMART scenarios
  • Overview on GWT format

2. Specifying scenarios and deep dive into BDD concepts

  • Importance of scenarios
  • Gherkin Syntax
  • Writing Feature
  • Deriving Scenarios from requirement documents in GWT format

3. Cucumber and its concepts

  • Cucumber framework overview
  • Installation of cucumber
  • Writing a step definition
  • Implementing scenario steps
  • Running a feature file
  • Hooks
  • Tags

4. Selenium and Cucumber integration and set up

  • Java installation
  • Eclipse installation
  • Cucumber addons installations
  • Define Project structure
  • Setup runner file for execution (Optional)
  • TestNG installation
  • Cucumber integration with extent report
  • Generating basic Cucumber HTML and JSON report

Course level: Beginner- Intermediate

Pre Requisites: Basic knowledge of Selenium and Java