Certified Scrum Master Corporate Certification Training



In 2 days, participants will be doing…

  • Activities to demonstrate Team self design
  • Watch some fun videos on agile, scrum!!!
  • Create scrum workflow in their way.
  • Create Charts
  • Lots of discussions, teach back, shout outs
  • Take a quiz on agile and scrum concepts
  • Write User stories for a sample requirement/project
  • Estimate a product backlog in story points

Broader Agenda 

1. Lean, Agile, Scrum

a. Values & Principles – Relationship of Scrum with Agile Manifesto

b. Scrum Theory: Scrum Applicability, Empirical Process, Evolutionary Product Planning

c. Scrum Values

2. The Scrum Team

a. Three Roles: Responsibilities, Characteristics and Prerogatives

b. Scrum Master

c. Product Owner

d. Development Team

3. Scrum Events – Purpose, Attendees, Timebox, Execution

a. Sprint

b. Sprint Planning

c. Daily Scrum

d. Sprint Review

e. Sprint Retrospectives

4. Scrum Artefacts: Work , Values

a. Product Backlog

b. Sprint Backlog

c. Product Increment

d. Burn-down/Burn-up Charts

e. Definition of Done

5. Scrum Master Instances

a. Agile Facilitation

b. Agile Coaching

c. Services to Development Team

i. Servant Leader

ii. Values of Engineering Practices

iii. Technical Debt

d. Services to Product Owner

e. Services to Organization

i. Impediment Remover

ii. Coaching to Organization