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100+ customized training programs on Leadership

Fostering a cadre of leaders who are prepared, responsive, and visionary.

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1000+ managers transformed into Leaders

Impacting 1000+ individuals, shaping them into a more effective, empathetic and strategic leader.

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Practitioner-driven, activity-based programs for an immersive learning experience

Contextual leadership training programs for maximum business impact.

Corporate Leadership Training for Shaping Leaders of Tomorrow

Benzne is an award-winning consulting and training company. Our time-bound, business context-driven, framework-agnostic focus in driving turnkey agile transformation journeys differentiates us from other agile consulting and training companies.


Our team specializes in leadership training and possesses a comprehensive blend of skills, knowledge, and experience aimed at enhancing the leadership capabilities within any organization. 

Our expertise spans several core areas, each contributing to the development of effective, adaptable, and inspirational leadership. We have worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies and have consistently received the highest feedback for our Leadership & Management Training.


Our corporate leadership training modules are designed to address the need to adapt to change while leading organizations through challenges in a VUCA world. These programs are tailored to equip leaders with skills like conflict resolution, team motivation & engagement, delegation & feedback, time management and empathy driven consumer centricity and Design thinking to solve wicked problems..

Key Features of Leadership Training

Our corporate leadership training empowers leaders to drive their teams and organizations toward success, creating a positive impact that resonates throughout the entire business.

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Humans centric approach

We integrate forward-thinking strategies and methodologies that prioritize each learner's unique needs, experiences,

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and growth.


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Gamification & simulation

We use dynamic methods like gamification and simulation exercises in our training modules to enhance learning,

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engagement, and skill development. These approaches take advantage of interactive and experiential learning techniques to simulate real-world challenges and scenarios, making the training process more effective and enjoyable.


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Experiential learning

We adopt a hands-on approach in our training programs that emphasizes learning through experience.

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It's based on the philosophy that learners understand and retain information better when they can apply it in real-world situations, as opposed to passive learning methods like listening to lectures or reading textbooks.trainers with real-world Agile project management experience can provide valuable insights and practical examples during the training sessions.


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Understanding the art

We believe in recognizing and appreciating the less tangible, more nuanced aspects of effective leadership.

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We emphasize on the emotional intelligence, adaptive communication, building relationships, and intuitive decision-making sides of leadership. Our training programs aim at complementing the more structured, theoretical knowledge with the softer skills necessary for truly effective leadership. course coverage during the session to accommodate context driven learning needs. They are able to do so because of multiple years of experience as an hands-on agile practitioner.


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Contextual learning programs

Our training programs integrate the principles of contextual learning—based on a problem-solving approach

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that emphasizes understanding the user, challenging assumptions, and redefining problems to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding. our review on Clutch and Google to read more about what our customers have to say about our offerings. Our customers have ranked our program as the best agile training in India.


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Customizable learning program

We keep our workshops customizable! It involves designing context driven learning programs that are tailored

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to meet the specific needs, cultures, and challenges of different organizations. regularly help our client teams in resolving their implementation issues and help them design their transformation journeys. Agile training is a stepping stone to a full fledged shift in ways of working, culture and mindset of the overall organization. We help our clients to not only implement agile at team level but scale to organizational agility.


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Our Leadership Training Programs

Our leadership training program aims at equipping the leaders with necessary skills to lead effectively, adapt to change, drive performance, and cultivate a positive organizational culture. This course outline is designed to develop and enhance the skills and capabilities of individuals in leadership roles or those aspiring to such positions. 

Our Corporate Trainers

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Anuj Ojha
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Why Choose Benzne Leadership Training Services?

Choosing leadership training is a strategic decision for both individuals and organizations aimed at fostering strong leadership capabilities that are crucial for personal development, team performance, and organizational success. Leadership training is an investment in the future success of an individual and their organization. It not only enhances the capabilities of those in leadership positions but also contributes to a culture of continuous improvement and excellence throughout the organization.

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Personal Growth and Development

Our training programs offer individuals the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. It

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helps in identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, developing emotional intelligence, and enhancing decision-making and problem-solving skills. frameworks which essentially address the implementation roadmap to achieve the impact which agile intends to bring


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Enhanced Leadership Skills

Our training equips current and potential leaders with the necessary skills to effectively.

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manage teams, including communication, motivation, conflict resolution, and change management. This preparation is essential for leading teams to success in a variety of situationsof working for everyone involved. The trainer should focus on ‘why we are doing agile’


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Improved Team Performance

Well-trained leaders can inspire and motivate their teams, leading to increased productivity, better

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collaboration, and higher job satisfaction. This results in a more efficient and effective team that can achieve organizational goals more readily. people with competencies and skills to be better in their role. Leadership, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Development team and others all have a specific role to play in agile transformation.


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Adaptability to Change

In today's fast-paced world, the ability to adapt to change is vital. Our Leadership and Management

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training can provide leaders with the tools to manage change effectively, ensuring their teams remain focused and productive through transitions.philosophy but keep a substantial time for an actual simulation of a particular framework or mix of frameworks to give participants the opportunity to see things in action.


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Driving Innovation

Our training encourages creative thinking and innovation, empowering leaders to foster an

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environment where new ideas are welcomed and explored. This is crucial for organizational growth and staying ahead of industry trends.broad learning methodology and coverage but allow the trainer to be flexible and improvise. Do just enough planning and then inspect and adapt or in other words be agile with your Agile training plan


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Increased Employee Retention

Leaders who are effective and communicative can increase employee engagement and

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satisfaction, which in turn reduces turnover rates. Our training sensitizes the leaders to create an environment where employees feel valued and supported, encouraging them to stay with the company longer.discussion between the participants and the trainer. This will help the participants know more than adding a few more topics in the agile training from a coverage perspective.


Who can benefit from our Leadership Training

Leadership and management training can benefit a wide range of individuals within an organization, across various levels and departments. While it’s often assumed that such training is exclusively for those in senior positions, in reality, many others stand to gain from developing leadership and management skills. 


Emerging leaders, mid-level managers, technical professionals, team leaders and supervisors, HR professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, anyone aspiring for personal and professional growth can benefit immensely from our leadership and management training courses.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Beginner Level:

Leadership training is required to develop and enhance leadership skills and qualities in individuals. These programs can vary widely, from workshops and seminars to comprehensive courses. The objective of this training program is to prepare individuals to lead teams and organizations effectively, navigate challenges, and achieve desired outcomes.

Agile training typically aims to provide participants with a solid understanding of Agile concepts and equip them with the skills necessary to start applying Agile principles in their work. The training can be delivered through various formats, such as workshops, seminars, online courses, or on-site training sessions

Leadership training can have a profound impact on both individuals and teams, offering numerous benefits like fostering personal growth, enhancing team dynamics, and ultimately contributing to the overall success of an organization. For teams it improves communication, enhances performance and productivity, better adaptability in dynamic environments, and increases innovation. For an individual, it helps in building resilience, improving leadership skills, and helping in career advancement.

Leadership training programs come in various formats, each designed to suit different needs, learning preferences, and objectives. We offer customized training programs in Design Thinking, Psychological Safety, Delegation and Feedback, and conflict management. These programs range from short workshops to comprehensive courses and can be delivered through various modalities, including in-person, online, and blended formats.

Enrolling in a leadership training program can be beneficial for a wide range of individuals, not just those in traditional leadership roles. Emerging leaders, mid-level managers, technical professionals, team leaders and supervisors, HR professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, anyone aspiring for personal and professional growth can benefit immensely from our leadership and management training courses.

Choosing the right leadership training program is a critical decision that can significantly impact your career trajectory and personal development. It involves a thoughtful assessment of your leadership needs, goals, and preferences, as well as careful research into the options available. By considering these factors, you can select a program that not only meets your needs but also offers a transformative learning experience.

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Leadership training programs are not exclusively for business professionals; they cater to a wide range of individuals across various sectors, including nonprofit, education, healthcare, government, and more. Education, healthcare, public service, academia, research and entrepreneur are few areas of work and community engagement where leadership and management trainings are useful. 

Our agile consulting credentials, ability to customize, leverage various agile frameworks and ability to include industry best practices sets us apart from other agile training companies which focus only on coverage, framework or certification led training programs.

Intermediate Level:

Our leadership training programs are designed with the primary focus of developing effective leaders who can drive organizational success. These programs aim to equip participants with a range of skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for effective leadership. The core focus areas of our training programs include leadership skill development, team building and management, strategic planning and execution, change management, ethics and corporate governance along with personal and communication skill development.

Ideal candidates for our leadership training programs are typically identified as individuals who are either currently managing teams or projects or are identified as having the potential to do so in the near future. Our training programs are designed to enhance managerial and leadership skills, including planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, with a strong emphasis on practical applications in the workplace.

Yes, we customize our leadership training programs to meet your team’s specific needs. Our custom-tailored training programs address the unique challenges, goals, and dynamics of your team, making the learning experience more relevant, engaging, and effective. We create our training programs such that it resonate not only with the participants but also contribute to the development of effective leaders who can drive your organization’s success.

Benzne’s leadership training programs are known for their hands-on, custom-tailored, and innovative in its delivery approach. We offer a comprehensive range of training programs with integration of cutting-edge research and trends, access to expert facilitators and leaders, comprehensive support and follow-up, focus on emotional intelligence and soft skills, measurable outcomes, and ethical leadership and sustainability.

Choosing the right leadership training program is pivotal for one’s professional development. The right leadership training program is a personal decision that should align with one’s career goals, learning style, and the specific skills one wishes to develop. Taking the time to thoroughly research and reflect on what each program offers will ensure that one makes an informed decision.

Our leadership training programs are available both online and in-person. It could also be a mix of both.

Benzne’s leadership training programs focus on a broad range of competencies that are essential for effective leadership. Psychological safety, feedback and delegation, conflict management, strategy and planning, organizational culture, consumer centricity, and team development are some core focus areas. Leadership development programs can vary widely in their focus, content, and delivery methods. We customize our training programs and target skills that are most relevant to our customer’s requirements.

We at Benzne recognize the importance of ongoing support and resources after the formal training ends to ensure participants can continue to grow and apply what they’ve learned. We offer coaching and mentoring, online resources and libraries, webinars, newsletters and consultation services as post-program support services.

The selection of instructors for leadership training programs is a critical process that significantly influences the quality, effectiveness, and reputation of the program. We follow a meticulous process keeping in mind the professional expertise, teaching capability, industry reputation, and alignment with program goals. The instructors play a pivotal role in shaping the learning experience, and their selection is fundamental to the success of leadership training programs.

Advanced Level:

Training duration is typically 1 to 2 days, but depends on the business context and outcomes of the programs. 

Please get in touch with us to design and deliver a customized program for your organization. 

Yes, attending a leadership training program while you’re in a non-leadership role can be highly beneficial for several reasons. Leadership skills are not only essential for current managers and executives but also for individuals at all levels of an organization who aspire to take on leadership roles in the future.

Our leadership training programs are customized and can be both industry-specific and universally applicable across different fields, depending on the focus and objectives of the program. While designing our leadership training program, we often take the development goals, as well as the specific client requirement into account.

No, there are no specific prerequisites to attend leadership training programs.

Yes, please book a slot on Calendly as per your convenience and we will discuss the details over a quick call.

For measuring the success of leadership training programs, crucial methods like pre and post-assessments, feedback from participants, behavioural changes, impact on performance and etc are employed to capture both the qualitative and quantitative effects of the training. Success is multifaceted, encompassing individual growth, improvement in leadership practices, and tangible organizational benefits.

Yes, leadership training programs often provide ample opportunities for networking with other participants. These opportunities can be a significant part of the learning experience, allowing participants to share insights, experiences, and challenges while building professional relationships that can last beyond the duration of the program. 

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