SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager



Becoming a Product Owner/Product Manager in the SAFe enterprise

  • Describe SAFe for Lean Enterprises
  • Explain Value Streams
  • Describe Lean-Agile Mindset decision-making
  • Describe Product Owner/ Product Manager responsibilities

Preparing for PI Planning

  • Describe PI Planning
  • Describe the Vision
  • Forecast work through Roadmaps
  • Create beneficial Features
  • Manage the Program Backlog and Kanban

Leading PI Planning

  • Communicate the Vision
  • Establish PI Objectives
  • Manage Dependencies
  • Manage Risks

Executing Iterations

  • Apply user stories
  • Plan the Iteration
  • Manage flow with Team Kanban
  • Continuously refine the backlog
  • Participate in the Iteration Review and Retrospective
  • Support DevOps and Release on Demand

Executing the PI

  • Participate in the PO Sync
  • Participate in the System Demo
  • Innovate Throughout the PI
  • Inspect and Adapt