Trainer – Narasimha Reddy Bommaka

Narasimha Reddy Bommaka


Narasimha is an experienced Agile leader with 14+ years of accomplished experience in coaching/training Agile Teams, delivering project results via technology solutions spanning multiple domains. He has championed Agile Transformation journeys helping organizations transition from Waterfall to Agile frameworks. He has demonstrated excellence in leading and managing multiple project teams.He is a people consultant who helps teams develops ways of delivering the most value from their talents and efforts. As an Agile coach, he has facilitated the transition of a Business Unit (100+ people) from waterfall to Agile while also acting as the Scrum Master of 3 mixed on/off shore teams. Facilitated adoption of Agile best practices such as timeboxing, continuous integration, code/design reviews, transparency, accountability, tracking (TFS/VersionOne), product visioning, spiking, slack, generalized specialist, technical debt reduction, self management, Kanban and team empowerment. A renowned Agile evangelist, Narasimha actively participates in the Agile community through his contributions in Agile conferences and meet ups.