Webinar : Agile Transformation 30-60-90 Days Journey

Webinar : What to expect in 30-60-90 days in Agile Transformation Journey?

We believe any Agile transformation journey should have a structured plan with measurable outcomes instead of generic keywords like self-organising, highly performing, mindset change, collaborative culture blah blah blah! It is imperative for success and organizations/teams need to have one or create one. We will discuss how to go about finalizing these expectations in this webinar. How to clearly state your challenges and business KPIs? How to discuss the feedback loops or progress tracker to compare the maturity state at the start and the checkpoints. We will be sharing our experience, surprises, shocks, delights and a glimpse of before & after 30-60-90 days transformation journeys at multiple organizations.

Saturday, 15th August 2020
02:00PM to 03:30PM (IST)