JIRA Training Workshop

An Immersive and Hands-on workshop on how to implement,
customise and use JIRA for your Agile Projects

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Workshop Introduction

Most teams use JIRA to plan, monitor and execute their agile projects. This is a hands-on customisable workshop designed to teach how to configure, customise and use JIRA to run your Agile Projects along with best practices to ensure teams can make full use of JIRA.

Training methodology

This is a hands-on workshop where concepts will be simulated and shown in a live JIRA instance. The intention is to also provide practical tips and techniques with real time simulation and case studies where participants will also be given exercises.

Key Learning Takeaway

Participants will get to understand how they can use JIRA efficiently with industry standard best practices to plan, monitor and deliver agile projects plus tips and techniques of customising JIRA to their respective environments

We design and deliver contextual immersive Agile learning programs for our clients to kickstart their agile adoption.

  1. Participants
  2. Familiarization with course material
  3. Familiarization with the protocols and timings
  4. Expectation setting and clarifications
  5. Exploring the use cases to understand business context
  1. Quick intro to Jira
  2. Top Navigation panel
  3. Side navigation panel
  4. Profile and details
  5. Settings Panel 
    • Quick Walkthrough of System tab and options 
    • Options in the Products tab 
    • Projects Tab and options 
    • Issues Tab introduction 
  1. Creating a project (Scrum/Kanban)
  2. Creating roles / Groups and adding people
  3. Introduction to Workflow Schemes and configuring a workflow scheme for your project
  4. Introduction to fields and and adding Custom field set up for your
  5. Walkthrough of Issue types, configuration and creating a custom issue type
  1. Walkthrough of scrum boards 
    • Backlog , Epics and Versions 
    • Creating a version / Epic and linking tickets 
  2. Active Sprint board 
    • Columns 
    • Configuration of card layouts 
    • Swimlanes 
    • Quick Filters 
  1. Sprint Level Reports
    1. Burndown chart and Sprint report
  2. Project Level Reports
    1. Velocity Chart, Cumulative Flow Diagram, Control chart, Version report, Epic report, Bug density ( Sprint wise and overall project wise ), Average Age report, Created Vs Resolved, Two dimensional reports
  1. Basic search
  2. Advanced search using JQL
  3. Activity - Scenario based searching
  4. Creating a filter
  5. Filter permissions and details
  6. Export and bulk modification 
  7. Filters for boards and dashboards 
  1. Walkthrough of widgets and  Sample Dashboards 
  2. Activity - Create a Sample dashboard for the project
  1. Create project & configure
  2. Setting up backlog - creating epics, stories etc
  3. Board configuration
  4. Creating scenario based filters
  5. Creating a dashboard
  1. Summarising Key Learning Takeaway
  2. Open Question and answer session
  3. Scenario based discussion

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