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24th July 2024, 6 pm to 7 pm IST | Hurry Up!

 Webinar: Agile Transformation Metrics Vol 1 - Performance¬†Metrics
Webinar : Introduction to agile project management

About The Webinar


Agile Metrics are not targets, rather they are insights into how the teams are performing, how value is getting delivered and how efficient are our processes. They are a reflection of how mature we are as an agile organization and how to identify gaps and improve further. Since this is such a vast topic, we will be doing a three part series on agile metrics.
Join us in our first webinar 'Agile Transformation Metrics Vol1 - Performance Metrics ' as we discuss the top-level agile performance metrics and our experience leveraging them to stabilize and sustain agile transformation journeys.

Topics that we are targeting to cover:

Picture of Sujith G

Sujith G

Agile Coach, Benzne

9+ years Agile experience,4+ Orgwide Agile Transformation Journeys,70+ teams coached across multiple
Geographies,Special area of interest has been solving business problems with Agile methodologies, mindset and culture.