Consumer Centricity Workshop

How to achieve consumer centricity?

An activity and case study based learning experience on how to achieve consumer centricity.

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Benzne is an award winning agile & leadership consulting and training company. Our time bound, business context driven, framework agnostic focus in driving turnkey agile transformation journeys differentiates us from other agile consulting and training companies.

Workshop Introduction

This workshop provides an overview on changing business dynamics in today’s VUCA world and how gradually businesses are shifting left, listening to customers/ consumers and benefitting by bringing the real insights to drive the business. The workshop will provide systematic structured learning to imbibe such traits in your current ways of working.

Training methodology

The course is a mix of concepts, exercises, simulations and activities to understand the essence of Consumer Centricity in an instructor-led learning program.

Key Learning Takeaway

Participants will become familiar with a variety of techniques, case studies to solve and real life use cases to understand consumer behaviour, persona maps, empathy techniques and ways to implement the insights and validate the consumer needs by continuous delivery approach.

Consumer Centricity Workshop - Benzne

We design and deliver contextual leadership learning programs for our clients to impact organizational culture and mindset.

  1. Participants 
  2. Familiarisation with course material 
  3. Familiarisation with the protocols & timings 
  4. Expectation setting and clarification
  1. Definition and importance
  2. Evolution of consumer behaviour
  3. Case studies of successful consumer-centric businesses
  4. The link between consumer satisfaction and business outcomes


  1. Psychological and sociological factors influencing consumer decisions
  2. The buyer's journey and decision-making process
  3. Identifying and categorizing consumer segments
  4. Targeting strategies based on consumer characteristics
  1. Enhancing the understanding of consumer experiences
  2. Identifying touchpoints and pain points
  3. Developing detailed profiles of target consumers
  4. Tailoring strategies to specific consumer personas
  5. Applying a human-centered approach to problem-solving
  1. Aligning company values with consumer needs
  2. Role of leadership in fostering a consumer-centric culture
  3. Training and empowering employees to prioritize consumer satisfaction
  4. Encouraging a customer-focused mindset across departments
  5. Leveraging customer data for insights
  6. Analytics tools and techniques
  7. Implementing effective feedback mechanisms
  8. Analyzing and acting on customer feedback
  1. Identifying and tracking metrics related to consumer satisfaction (KPIs)
  2. Quantifying the impact on business performance
  3. Evaluating the financial impact of consumer-centric strategies (ROI)
  4. Long-term value vs. short-term gains
  1. Creating actionable consumer-centric strategies
  2. Monitoring and adapting strategies based on real-time feedback
  3. Iterative improvement processes
  4. Integration with overall business strategy
  5. Common obstacles in becoming consumer-centric
  6. Strategies for overcoming resistance and challenges
  1. Summarising Key Learning Takeaway
  2. Open Question and answer session
  3. Scenario based discussion

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