SAFe PI Planning Workshop

SAFe PI Planning Simulation Workshop

An immersive, simulation led learning experience on how to conduct a
PI Planning event

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Workshop Introduction

This workshop is meant to give you a practitioner’s experience in one of the critical events in SAFe implementation, called PI Planning. The workshop will elaborate on all aspects of PI, from Pre-PI Planning preparation to Vote of Confidence, followed by PI-Planning Retrospective.

Training methodology

The course is a mix of basic concepts and simulation of the actual PI Planning event. Based on the mode of the workshop (remote or in-person), respective tools and activities will be applied.

Key Learning Takeaway

Participants will become familiar with PI Planning and will be able to do the PI Planning event.

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  1. Participants
  2. Familiarization with course material
  3. Familiarization with the protocols and timings
  4. Expectation setting and clarifications
  5. Exploring the use cases to understand business context
  1. Business Benefits of PI Planning
  2. Pre-PI & Post-PI Planning expectations
  3. Readiness Checklist & Criteria
  4. PI Planning 2 or 3 days Itinerary
  1. Business Context
  2. Product/Solution Vision
  3. Architecture Vision & Development Practices
  4. Planning Context
  5. Team Breakouts
  6. Draft Plan Review
  7. Management Review & Problem-Solving
  1. Planning Adjustments
  2. Team Breakouts
  3. Final Plan Review
  4. ART PI Risks (ROAM)
  5. Confidence Vote
  6. Plan Rework?
  7. Planning Retrospective & Moving Forward
  1. ART Planning Board
  2. Committed & Uncommitted Objectives
  3. Business Vs Actual Value
  4. WSJF priorities
  5. Work types - Features, Enablers
  6. Team PI Objectives Vs ART PI Objectives
  7. ART PI Planning Vs Solution Train PI Planning
  1. Summarising Key Learning Takeaway
  2. Open Question and answer session
  3. Scenario based discussion

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