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Organizations struggle with Agile Adoption and DevOps implementation. They get lost in the maze of frameworks, methodologies, tools, processes, and certifications. Benzne helps them to adopt a quick, time-bound, outcome-driven Agile and DevOps led transformation journey marrying culture, mindset, process, tools, and hands-on implementation expertise. Our clients have one problem less to solve and can focus on their key business while creating internal competencies and leveraging new ways of working.


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We enable organizations and individuals in their journey to constantly innovate and reinvent, to help them be agile, open, welcome change, continuously evolve and yet be in equilibrium, to somehow be in a state of constant flux and yet be stable, much like a Benzene ring.


Benzne is a team of Hands-on Agile practitioners who have led agile transformation journeys in varied, complex work environments across the globe. We believe that external agile consulting and implementation has a distinct outside-in advantage, which translates to a business outcome-focused, framework agnostic, time-bound transformation journey.


We recently completed 8 Transformation Journeys in three years of our journey as an Agile consulting startup, helping transform teams & products across fintech, insurance, semiconductors, healthcare, SaaS, non-IT, and Proptech companies. Check our case studies here. Many more success stories to come!


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Difference Between PSM & CSM

Scrum Master is an important role in the Scrum framework who keeps the agility intact within the team. Scrum master. Scrum master plays two roles within the team one is with ...

The surprising downsides of Agile - Inside blog

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that out of the millions of Agile practitioners, the majority is stuck at ‘doing agile’ while being unaware or worse ignoring the bigger picture. Why?

best day to start and end the sprint - benzene blog1

Scrum doesn’t inherently prescribe any set day to start a sprint. This begs the question if the topic bears any merit. And if yes, then what might be the best suitable day to start a sprint?

7 tips to increase sprint velocity

In an Agile project, one most misunderstood concept, which is vital for the project is “Velocity”. While different teams understand velocity in their own way, this blog aims to explain what is “Velocity”?


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Turnkey Agile led transformations in less than 3 years, across multiple capabilities and industries

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Agile teams mentored at various clients, resulting in productivity gains upwards of 3-4x

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Individuals made proficient in Agile Methodology and experts in DevOps


Through the well-facilitated workshops and the detailed framework, team members were able to make sense of the work seamlessly. Thus, the targeted cohesiveness was achieved. The client also commended how the entire project was well put together despite the challenge posed by the pandemic.

Delivery Manager

Tata Consultancy Services
Benzne successfully met all milestones and delivered quality solutions, both of which bolstered the client’s confidence. A productive partner, the team was able to anticipate issues and plan accordingly.

Sr. Director

Payment Services
By sharing best development practices, Benzne encouraged the in-house developers to form a strong camaraderie with each other and produce consistent outputs. They set up dashboards to manage the project, measuring process velocity throughout. Exceptional sprint planning skills made them invaluable.


IHS Markit
Benzne’s work met all expectations. They delivered a useful workshop that gave their client a succinct understanding of the Agile methodology.

Senior Technical Program Manager

The agile transformation was very successful, mapping well on the existing organization’s process. The team at Benzne is efficient and worked very efficiently, delivering a practical approach.

Senior Director of Engineering

Financial Services
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