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An immersive, focused learning experience on Product Ownership

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Benzne is an award winning agile consulting and training company. Our time bound, business context driven, framework agnostic focus in driving turnkey agile transformation journeys differentiates us from other agile consulting and training companies.

Workshop Introduction

This workshop provides a detailed insight into roles and responsibilities of Product Owner which is not limited to the boundaries of scrum and explores the broader horizons of persona identification, user interviews, journey mapping, value based prioritization and other aspects instrumental in product success.

Training methodology

The course is a mix of concepts, exercises, simulations and activities to help Product Owners to excel in their role in an instructor-led learning program.

Key Learning Takeaway

Participants will have a basic understanding of core product owner responsibilities as well as how to implement these concepts in your projects and teams to excel.

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We design and deliver contextual immersive Agile learning programs for our clients to kickstart their agile adoption.

  1. Participants
  2. Familiarization with course material
  3. Familiarization with the protocols and timings
  4. Expectation setting and clarifications
  5. Exploring the use cases to understand business context
  1. The Product vision – What to look for in a Vision?
  2. The Golden Circle – Who, Why, What – Simon Sinek - Video
  3. Elevator pitch
  4. How to create a Product Vision?
  5. Defining the Product vision
  6. Creating the Elevator pitch
  7. Understanding of Themes, OKRs & KPIs
  1. What is Discovery?
  2. What is Product Discovery?
  3. Whole Product Thinking mindset
  4. How to do it?
  5. Methods available : Empathy Maps, User Personas, Customer Journey Map, Business Model Canvas & more
  1. What is a Roadmap?
  2. The Product Roadmap?
  3. Collaborative Chartering
  4. Defining the Minimum marketable product
  5. Collaborative Chartering
  1. The Product Backlog including its DEEP characteristics
  2. Product prioritization techniques
  3. Grooming the Product backlog
  4. Getting the high-priority items ready
  1. Product Ownership in a nutshell 
  2. PO Roles, Responsibilities, Accountabilities
  3. Product Thinking
  4. Scaling the Product owner roles – Product owner team & hierarchies, unbundling the product, feature vs. component teams, product owner vs. product manager
  5. PO Role anti patterns
  6. The Impatient product owner
  1. What is a Team Backlog?
  2. Grooming the product backlog
  3. Managing risks & dependencies
  4. Characteristics of the Team Backlog
  5. Example backlog in JIRA
  6. Tips & Techniques
  1. Why Story Mapping
  2. How to create a Story Map
  3. Story Mapping Exercise
  1. Epics, Capabilities, Features, Enablers, Stories, Tasks
  2. Story Telling
  3. Who + What + Why + When + How Much + How
  4. User stories are slices of functionality
  5. Splitting user stories
  6. Why do user stories fail?
  1. Relative sizing techniques
  2. Planning poker
  3. Story sizing – Group activity
  4. Story sizing Exercise
  1. Release planning cycle walk through
  2. Create a sample Release plan (Exercise)
  1. Summarising Key Learning Takeaway
  2. Open Question and answer session

Scenario based discussion

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