How to improve interactions within Teams

How to Improve Interactions Within Teams

A “Team” is generally defined as a group of people. Who work together towards a shared goal. In my experience, effective interaction forms the bedrock of such a ‘team’ – a factor often taken for granted. All the more true in an agile environment, where one sees high levels of ambiguity, uncertainty and diversity.

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How to make a timeboxed event more effective.

How to Make a Timeboxed Event More Effective?

How do we better utilize our time attending an insane number of meetings? Coaches get this asked a lot. While little can be done about the number of meetings just like driving in bumper to bumper traffic, we can surely improve the in-car time utilization!

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Essential Agile

Essential Agile Metrics for Leaders

Popular agile metrics like burndown chart, velocity graph, cumulative flow, control charts and many others are confined to one team and limits the management view. Senior leadership is keen to know metrics like consistency, predictability, productivity, reliability and other business KPIs..

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