Psychological Safety Workshop and Training

Building a culture of Psychological Safety

An immersive, activity based learning experience on building psychological
safety in your teams

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Workshop Introduction

This workshop aims to showcase the importance of psychological safety and how your teams can be made more engaging and innovative by building the culture of psychological safety.

Training methodology

The course is a mix of concepts, exercises and activities to understand what is psychological safety, strategies and concepts on how to build a culture in an instructor-led learning program.

Key Learning Takeaway

Participants will become familiar with psychological safety and have a basic understanding of concepts such as emotional intelligence, growth mindset, self awareness, also on how to implement the techniques learnt into actionables in your projects and teams post the workshop.

We design and deliver contextual leadership learning programs for our clients to impact organizational culture and mindset.

  1. Participants 
  2. Familiarization with course material 
  3. Familiarization with the protocols & timings 
  4. Expectation setting and clarifications 
  1. Origin, Elements & Benefits
  2. What has fundamentally changed because of which we need Psychological Safety?
  3. The Creative Economy; need for ideation and collaboration
  4. How fear activates the stress response - The Neuroscience of fight or flight
  1. Higher engagement, retention & performance
  2. What can we learn from organizations that did not have Psychological Safety?


  1. Demystifying culture
  2. Best practices from Organizations that embrace Psychological Safety 
  3. Psychological Safety – NOT at the cost of pursuing Excellence
  4. Holding the tension between opposites
  1. 360 feedback, skip levels 
  2. Getting people to Speak-up – embracing open communication and productive conflict
  3. Balancing the soft and the hard stance
  4. Giving and Receiving feedback
  1. Understanding Empathy
  2. Empathetic Listening
  3. How to develop empathetic Listening
  1. Mindfulness and importance for Psychological safety
  2. Managing hot buttons - Ability to respond and not react
  3. Role modelling behaviours – integrity, vulnerability, humility and openness
  1. Positional Power vs. Personal Power
  2. Video & Activity: Circle of Influence
  3. The What and why of Networking
  1. Embracing open communication and productive conflict                            
  2. How to enhance personal power?
  3. Influence using political savvy - Coalitions, Key Influencers, Sponsors
  4. Speak up more confidently – communicating the right way
  1. Hierarchy, know-it-all attitude, challenge vs. threat etc.
  2. Dealing with Failure
  3. Defining Failure
  4. Reframing the problem (failure)
  1. Summarising Key Learning Takeaway
  2. Open Question and answer session
  3. Scenario based discussion

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