Organizational Culture Workshop

Building Organizational Culture

A case study and activity led learning experience on building organizational culture

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Benzne is an award winning agile & leadership consulting and training company. Our time bound, business context driven, framework agnostic focus in driving turnkey agile transformation journeys differentiates us from other agile consulting and training companies.

Workshop Introduction

This workshop provides an overview on organizational culture and its relationship with changing business dynamics, technology, workforce and different working models. We will explore challenges faced and how we could tackle them by making strategic changes by aligning different tangents of people, process, product, technology and customer experience.

Training methodology

The course is a mix of concepts, exercises, simulations and activities to understand the essence of organizational culture in an instructor-led learning program.

Key Learning Takeaway

Participants will become familiar with aspects that make or break culture, impacted areas, critical initiatives required, role of leadership, end to end assessment of culture spread, required mindset change as well as how to drive change in your work environment and teams post the workshop.

We design and deliver contextual leadership learning programs for our clients to impact organizational culture and mindset.

  1. Participants 
  2. Familiarisation with course material 
  3. Familiarisation with the protocols & timings 
  4. Expectation setting and clarification
  1. Understanding the concept of organizational culture
  2. Link between culture and organizational success
  3. Explore different cultural models (e.g., Clan, Adhocracy, Market, Hierarchy)
  4. Recognizing the cultural dimensions within an organization
  1. Connection between culture and employee motivation
  2. High-performance cultures and their characteristics
  3. How culture influences external perception and brand image
  1. Analyzing Cultural Strengths and Weaknesses
  2. Identifying positive aspects to leverage
  3. Addressing areas for improvement
  1. Examining how leadership behaviors influence culture
  2. Developing leadership qualities that promote a positive culture
  3. Strategies for ensuring leadership embodies and promotes cultural values
  4. The role of leadership in setting cultural expectations
  1. Establishing and communicating core values
  2. Crafting a compelling organizational mission statement
  3. Fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture
  4. Addressing unconscious bias and promoting equality
  1. Importance of transparent communication in building trust
  2. Tools and practices for fostering open communication
  3. Creating a culture that values and learns from feedback
  4. Constructive feedback techniques for leaders and employees
  1. Integrating new employees into the organizational culture
  2. Role of orientation programs in cultural assimilation
  3. Establishing mentorship and buddy programs to support cultural integration
  4. Encouraging peer-to-peer support
  1. Addressing conflicts that arise due to cultural differences
  2. Building a culture of respect and collaboration
  3. Preparing the organization for cultural change
  4. Strategies for overcoming resistance to cultural shifts
  1. Continuous assessment of cultural health
  2. Adapting strategies based on feedback and data
  3. Navigating cultural shifts in response to external and internal changes
  4. Balancing tradition with the need for evolution
  1. Summarizing Key Learning Takeaway
  2. Open Question and answer session
  3. Scenario based discussion

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Benzne as a consulting & training company helps organizations adopt a quick, time-bound, outcome-driven transformation journey marrying culture, mindset, process, tools, and hands-on implementation expertise.

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