Agile for Remote

Agile for Remote

Agile for Remote Teams

2020 has changed the landscape of work across many industries. In the IT space, work has overnight moved from company offices to employee’s home. While, this disrupted BAU to begin with (and added a pile of workload to the Infrastructure Team’s work bucket), it has opened up new opportunities and possibilities for orgs across the spectrum enabling clients, talent and vendors to collaborate across geographies. Something which is happening for the first time in human history and has the potential to disrupt BAU like never before.

Companies can now attract the best talent across the geographies and leverage ‘Follow the sun’ model to maximise the productivity and increase support time. They can explore new partners to optimize the cost and open avenues of new business opportunities.

We transitioned to remote agile consulting in the first Covid wave and have led multiple successful remote transformation journeys till now. Agile for remote is our offering to our prospective clients across the globe. We, at Benzne have rolled over our sleeves to expand our business beyond India and have already started serving the needs of our geographically distributed and diverse customer base.

agile for remote teams
enable agile across the globe

How do we enable that for organizations across the globe?

Agile consulting was happening 100% on premise before the pandemic hit us all but nobody anticipated the lockdown and the resulting WFH scenario. Something that has revolutionized the way we work and collaborate. It wasn’t different for us and we had to transition to remote agile consulting for our existing clients. We categorised the challenges we faced as below


  • Partnering with our existing customers to ensure seamless connect
  • Assuring the leads in the current pipeline in our ability to deliver in remote mode
  • Train internal team and external client teams on low budget, secure and effective tools and newly defined ways to have harmonious collaboration

It wasn’t an easy transition to a remote working environments for enabling agile led transformations, consulting and coaching is a difficult, time intensive, nuanced journey facilitated and based on personal connect.


Transitioning our existing customers was our main priority and this is how we did it.



  • Identified all the touchpoints for collaboration at various levels of individual, team, group of teams and also out-of-system teams/individual
  • Search, prototype, shortlist tools that can support us remotely from current tool set and the new ones available in market
  • Procure tools (if needed), identify and order instances
  • Continuously resolve all touchpoints by implementing and observing improvements

Our internal team of consultants created our backlog of exploring best practices of maximising throughput at each touchpoint and shared our learnings. Within 2 weeks we were able to overcome our nervousness. We explored, experimented, learned from collaboration and evolved as the lockdown and WFH extended.

We take great pride in our ‘Agile for remote’ stats considering our current team size. Here are some quick numbers for reference –


  • Supported ~50 teams in tenure of 20 months
  • Trained and coached ~500 members
  • Onboarded 10 new customers out of which 6 business agility transformation initiatives
  • Hired 2 interns and they have made an exciting game Sno(Wo)man 
  • Onboarded our 1st international customer

Tools available to enable Agile for Remote

We have supported our numerous customers in bringing stability in such flux of pandemic and WFH. This page is to appreciate the purpose and tools that we have benefitted from and we are listing a few important ones we and our clients found used and found value.

We are confident to collaborate with our customers remotely with knowledge of a vast tool set.

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