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Agile Induction Workshop and Training

Agile Induction Workshop and Training

Agile Induction workshop

This workshop provides an overview on what Agile is and how Agile approaches could help you in changing perspectives, strategies accommodating the changing environments and how to apply agile in your specific business settings. Agile is a very popular approach in the software industry while it’s popularity is spreading across segments.

The course is a mix of case studies and activity driven, instructor-led learning, designed to enable participants to understand concepts and underlying philosophies. This interactive course will be delivered using hands-on Exercises, Quizzes, Videos and Group activities.

Participants should become familiar with Agile concepts as well as terminologies of different approaches post this workshop.

  • Introduction to Workshop (15 min)
  • Comparing traditional vs. Agile (1.5 hours)
  • Iterative and Incremental Approach (4 hour)
  • Backlog, Concept of Stories & Estimation (1 hrs)
  • Kanban Workflow (15 min)
  • Conclusion and Q & A
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Agile Induction Workshop