Trainer – Anuj M Ojha

Anuj M Ojha Agile Enterprise Coach

Anuj is an agile professional with expertise in setting up the agile environment by providing instructions and training to both IT/software and Non-IT Teams in the area of lean agile software principles, facilitating agile practices and mentoring product owners, scrum masters, individuals and teams. 

Most recent assignment has been as an Agile Coach responsible for Agile transformation of the entire organization by applying the principles of scaling at a product company with teams distributed across the globe. 

Anuj has also earned an immense international exposure during his stay in Norway for many years and also through assignments in other countries like the UK, Czech Republic, Romania, Netherlands, Dubai, Philippines and others. 

Delivered services at 50+ clients: Verifone, ServiceNow, Mckinsey, Honeywell, Fidelity, SAP Labs, Sourcebits, Dell, Dell EMC, Nets Norway, Maersk, NEC Technologies, Tesco, Reliance JIO, Reliance ADA, Ericsson, Orange, L&T Infotech, Gemalto, Pearson and many more. 

Led 6 Large scale agile Transformation at: Verifone (2 groups & 28 teams), ServiceNow (Cloud Solutions Group), Sunlife, Philippines (5 groups – 400+ employees), eInfochips (1 group), Sourcebits (Org wide), Techjini (Org wide). 


  • Anuj is a Computer Science Engineer and has worked as a Trainer, Coach, Mentor on Agile methodologies with a cumulative IT industry experience of 12+ years, of which over 9+ years have been in Agile delivery lifecycles and environment playing varied roles
  • Trained 8000+ participants through 350+ workshops on Agile and its approaches like Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean and Scaled Agile
  • Has played an active role in transforming 130+ projects to agile and has overall 5 years of coaching experience
  • Diversified Agile learning to Non IT teams successfully like Sales, Marketing, HR functions and industries like Banking, Manufacturing & Aeronautics.
  • He has extensively played different roles & also coached people to become effective Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner & Development team member in agile environment
  • Certified Agility Health Facilitator, assessing Agile Health of single teams, program & product lines, entire enterprise level agility and helping them in preparing their Growth Plans.
  • He has participated as Product Owner & Scrum-Master for over 12 projects & SCRUM Teams, including PO for Onsite Client teams
  • Designed & implemented KPI (Key Performance Indicators) across the organization as per agile mindset
  • Anuj has successfully raised the quarterly agility index from 4.5/10 – 8.5+/10 and customer satisfaction index raised from 2.0/3- 2.5/3 
  • He has successfully implemented agile methodologies in Delivery teams, sales, HR, finance, admin and other back office processing

Areas of Expertise

Business Agility, Agile Coaching (Leadership, Business Stakeholders, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Development Team members, Agile in Distributed Teams & at Scale, Agile Engineering Practices (Pair Programming, TDD, BDD, ATDD & CI)


13+ years of experience with relevant agile experience of 11+ years and have trained 12000+ participants & coached 125+ teams on agile practices & implementation techniques. Have been to various geographies to deliver consulting services.

My special area of interest has been bringing in business agility, appropriate mindset & enriching Culture. It all starts from no process to some process which helps teams & companies in being their own better version by healing their broken processes and other aspects.