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15+ Turnkey Agile Transformations agile transformation consulting in Dubai image

15+ Turnkey Agile Transformations

Streamlined end-to-end agile integration for seamless methodology transition

Transformed 400+ Teams to Agile agile consulting services in Dubai image

Transformed 400+ Teams to Agile

Spearheaded agile transformation for over 400+ teams

Trained and coached 10000+ in Agile agile consulting in Dubai image

Trained & Coached 10k+ in Agile

Expertly educated a large workforce in Agile methodologies

Business Outcome Driven Agile Consulting

Agile ways of working help businesses adapt to rapid changes in the VUCA world, constantly innovate and reinvent themselves and most importantly be more customer-centric to deliver exceptional value to their end customers. Agile implementation helps organizations to have better execution certainty, transparency, predictability, collaboration, time-to-market, pull-based work culture, one-team mindset, and overall alignment with core organizational business objectives

Rapidly changing market dynamics, competitive pressures, diverse customer base, complex projects, regulatory changes, cultural diversity and the need for innovation are a few reasons that make agile methodologies and agile consultancy services very relevant for Dubai market. By embracing Agile principles and practices, organizations can navigate uncertainty, seize new opportunities and drive sustainable growth in Dubai’s extremely vibrant but competitive business landscape.The Agile consulting business landscape in Dubai is characterized by a dynamic and growing demand for Agile expertise across various industries. As businesses in Dubai strive to stay competitive and innovative in a rapidly evolving market, there is an increasing recognition of the benefits of Agile methodologies in driving organizational efficiency and customer-centricity.

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The best Agile consulting firms in Dubai offer a range of services, including Agile coaching, Agile training, agile ways of working implementation and designing and executing complex agile transformations. Agile consulting firms should work closely with organizations of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, to help them adopt contextual Agile practices, optimize their processes and achieve their business objectives.


Discover the Power of Agile ways of working

By embracing Agile ways of working, organizations can unlock a range of benefits like:

Faster Time-to-Market agile consulting firms in Dubai icon

Faster Time-to-Market

Agile enables organizations to deliver products and services to market more quickly by breaking down projects

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into smaller, manageable increments.


Improved Customer Satisfaction agile business consulting in Dubai icon

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Agile places a strong emphasis on customer collaboration and feedback, ensuring that products and services

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are aligned with customer needs and preferences.


Increased Productivity and Efficiency agile management consulting in Dubai icon

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Agile promotes cross-functional collaboration, transparency and continuous improvement, leading to higher levels

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of productivity and efficiency.


Reduced Risk agile strategy consulting in Dubai icon

Reduced Risk

Agile methodologies mitigate risk by breaking projects down into smaller increments and delivering value

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Improved Collaboration and Communication agile consulting group in Dubai icon

Empowered Teams

Agile empowers teams to take ownership of their work, make decisions collaboratively and continuously

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improve their processes.


Process Improvement agile consulting and training services in Dubai icon

Continuous Learning and Improvement

Agile encourages a culture of continuous learning and improvement, where teams reflect on their

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experiences, experiment with new ideas and adapt their practices based on feedback and data.


Elevating Businesses through Agile Excellence: Best Agile Coaching in Dubai

Submit your query for a tailored agile transformation roadmap to help your business thrive in today's dynamic landscape.

Benefits of Agile Consulting Services

Agile consulting services plays a critical role in helping organizations harness the power of Agile methodologies to achieve greater agility, efficiency, customer satisfaction and business success in a time-bound, expert driven environment.

Expertise agile transformation consultancy in Dubai icon

Expert Guidance

Our Agile consultants provide valuable guidance and insights to help organizations navigate the complexities of

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Agile adoption and implementation effectively.


Customized Solutions agile consultancy services in Dubai icon

Customized Solutions

Benzne Agile consultants assess the organization's culture, business goal, and context to develop customized

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fAgile solutions that align with its unique requirements.


Accelerated Transformation consultant agile in Dubai icon

Accelerated Transformation

Agile consultants help organizations accelerate their Agile transformation journey by providing structured guidance,

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training and support. They help teams adopt Agile practices, streamline processes and overcome obstacles to achieve tangible results more quickly.


Improved Efficiency & collaboration agile development consulting in Dubai icon

Improved Efficiency & collaboration

Agile consulting services optimize business processes, workflows and team collaboration to improve efficiency,

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accountability and productivity.


Customer-Centricity agile business consultants in Dubai icon


Our Agile consultants help organizations incorporate customer feedback, prioritize features based on

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customer needs and deliver incremental value with each iteration, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Continuous Improvement agile consultant in Dubai icon

Continuous Improvement

Our Agile transformation consultants encourage teams to reflect on their processes, experiment with new

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ideas, and embrace a mindset of continuous learning and adaptation to drive ongoing improvement and innovation.


Unleash Agile Success with Our Proven Consulting Services!

Contact us to schedule a call with our Agile Consulting Team to know more about how we can help you design and implement a time bound, business outcome oriented Agile Transformation journey which helps you achieve customer centricity and a competitive advantage.

Why Choose Our Agile Consulting Services?

Benzne Agile consulting services provide organizations with the guidance, support and expertise needed to successfully adopt and implement agile methodologies, driving business agility, innovation and success. Below are some of the parameters you should consider while selecting Agile transformation consulting firms in Dubai as your partner

Expertise agile transformation consultancy in Dubai icon


Our Agile consultants bring in-depth knowledge and expertise in agile methodologies and practices.

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They understand the principles behind agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, SAFe, LeSS etc., and can tailor them to suit the specific needs of an organization.


Customized Solutions | agile methodology consulting in Dubai icon

Customized Solutions

Benzne Agile consultants work closely with organizations to understand their unique challenges and goals.

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They then design customized agile solutions that address these specific needs, helping organizations achieve their objectives more effectively.


Process Improvement agile consulting and training services in Dubai icon

Process Improvement

By implementing agile methodologies, teams can become more efficient, adaptive and responsive to changes

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leading to improved productivity and better outcomes with a faster time to market.


Leaders in Agile Excellence agile implementation consulting in Dubai icon

Leaders in Agile Excellence

Designing and implementing turnkey agile transformation journeys for our clients in the core focus

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of Benzne. We are a team of hands-on agile practitioners who have led and driven agile concertina dn coaching in multiple clients, domains, teams and geographies across the globe.


Flexibility and Adaptability agile transformation consultant in Dubai icon

Flexibility and Adaptability

Our Agile consultants help organizations foster a culture of adaptability and continuous improvement, enabling them

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to stay ahead in a dynamic business environment. Our priority is to work with all the layers - senior leadership, middle management and teams to implement sustainable agile transformations.


Improved Collaboration and Communication agile consulting group in Dubai icon

Improved Collaboration and Communication

Agile practices encourage collaboration and communication among team members, stakeholders, and

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customers. Agile consultants help organizations implement tools, processes, and techniques that facilitate effective collaboration and communication with frequent and closed feedback loops.


Unleash Agile Success with Our Proven Consulting Services!

Contact us to schedule a call with our Agile Consulting Team to know more about how we can help you design and implement a time bound, business outcome oriented Agile Transformation journey which helps you achieve customer centricity and a competitive advantage.

Our Agile Consulting Process

Benzne helps organizations successfully design and implement their agile transformation journeys, we help our clients unlock business agility and achieve sustainable growth over a long term to drive a competitive advantage.

Assessment and Discovery agile transformation consultants in Dubai icon

Assessment and Discovery

We begin by conducting an initial assessment of the client. This will involve interviews with key stakeholders,

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reviewing existing processes and methodologies and identifying pain points and areas for improvement. The outcome of assessment is a defined to-be state and am agile transformation roadmap - contextualized and a mix of frameworks suitable for the client


Onboarding and Awareness agile at scale consulting in Dubai icon

Onboarding and Awareness

Onboarding and awareness around agile transformation of leadership, mid management and team members

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on agile principles, practices, and methodologies is the next important step. This includes workshops, coaching sessions, and hands-on training to ensure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities within the agile framework.


Pilot Implementation | agile consulting services in Delhi icon

Pilot Project Implementation

Next, we start with applying agile principles to a small-scale initiative, allowing teams to experiment,

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learn, and refine their approach in a controlled environment.We slowly build sprinting rigor - coaching, mentoring and supporting teams to set up basic agile processes, roles, metrics, ceremonies and overcome challenges and sustain momentum.


Scaling Agile agile software development consultant in Dubai icon

Scaling Agile

As we create small pockets of excellence, it’s important to slowly cross pollinate the success and prepare

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the ground to scale agile practices across the entire organization. This will involve expanding agile teams, integrating agile practices into other departments or business units and aligning agile initiatives with overall strategic objectives.


Metrics and Monitoring enterprise agile consulting services in Dubai icon

Metrics and Monitoring

To measure the impact of the agile transformation and track progress towards established goals, the key

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performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics for success are identified and established.


Sustainability and Continuous Improvement agile at scale consultant in Dubai icon

Sustainability and Continuous Improvement

Finally, we help the client internalize agility as a culture, create self organization teams,

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<p class="wpsm-contentpr" build internal competencies and nurture center of excellence, communities of practices and expertise to ensure long-term sustainability and continuous improvement.


Start your agile transformation

Reach out to us if you want to know more about the impact of agile methodologies in a fast-paced, dynamic business environment like Dubai

We have gathered great testimonials as an agile consulting firm from our clients with whom we have worked on all aspects of agile transformations. From Agile Strategy consulting to Agile Scrum consulting to Agile Project Management consulting to agile consulting and training services to enterprise agile consulting services or Agile at scale consulting or specifically scaled agile framework consulting.

Benzne was proactive in identifying needs and presenting us with solutions. They definitely were committed to making sure our team was embracing and adopting Agile correctly. They were the right partners for us to help with our transition from a Waterfall model to Agile model. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to adopt Agile

Anil Bhat, Sr. Director, Payment Services

Working with Benzne team was really smooth. They were able to introduce agile practices within the team without changing the culture of the team. Nothing was forced on the teams. Teams were demonstrated with the positive outcomes of each agile practice and everyone picked it up and adopted agile practices without much of hesitations

Senior Director Engineering, WazirX

We would see that Agile Thought process and mindset instilled in our associates. We also saw in this project all defined agile metrics where met due to guidance in Agile Processes and Ceremonies. They followed the letter and spirit. Their execution style is inclusive and collaborative. Appropriate tools like Moscow, planning poker , T shirt Sizing etc. were used in addition to various other templates and Jira & Assembla as needed as per the phase in the project

Lakshmi Kishore Kumar Nekkanti, Associate VP, IT Consulting Company

The overall Agile transformation over the last 12 months has been very successful. The overall process is mapped on the existing organization process. The Agile Coach and Scrum Masters aligned were very efficient. They got inculcated in our process and mapped agile at every stage. Very effectively worked with 12 scrum teams across the overall organization

Senior Director of Engineering, Financial Services

The great thing about Benzne is that they took the time to understand our organization and culture. Additionally, they were very motivated and willing to learn and adapt. They took feedback very well and were able to react based on that feedback. Overall, Benzne doesn’t only work with companies to try and instill best practices; they’re also very good at coaching individuals on a human level

Department Head, PropTech Company

Team Benzne was very prompt in responding to our requests and came back with a program design as per timelines, and delivered the program for 5 batches as per agreed timelines. The expertise and quality of the trainer were impressive

Senior Manager of Learning & Development, ITC Ltd.

Benzne has designed and implemented turnkey Agile transformation journeys across Fintech, Healthcare, Insurance, Semiconductors, SaaS, Non-IT, Proptech & various other IT product and services companies. Below is a snapshot of the industries and domains we have served.

Read our case studies on agile transformations using SAFe, Scrum, Kanban and various other frameworks and a mix of frameworks across domains like payments, fintech, banking, SaaS, insurance, retail, IT services, Crypto, Healthcare and many others in multiple geographies across the globe.

Successful agile transformations are mostly culture and mindset driven, aided by various frameworks, methodologies, tools and techniques. The first stepping stone to plan such transformation is to build awareness around agile and what it means to be agile. Context driven agile training is instrumental in your knowing-doing-being agile journey. We will be glad to discuss your learning requirements to design and deliver customized agile learning programs specific to your organization, team and business context.

Transform your Business with Agile

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Frequently Asked Questions

Agile consulting services can provide several benefits, especially a dynamic and competitive business environment like Dubai. It can benefit your business by improving time-to-market, enhancing flexibility and adaptability, increasing customer satisfaction, optimizing resource utilization, enhancing product quality, and improving risk management. Agile consulting services in Dubai can help your business implement context driven Agile transformation journeys.

Benzne endeavors to be one of the top Agile consulting firms in Dubai and can provide your business with the tools, methodologies and best practices needed to adapt, innovate, and thrive in today’s rapidly changing market environment. By embracing Agile principles and practices, your business can gain a competitive advantage, drive growth and deliver greater value to customers in Dubai and beyond.

Agile consulting can be suitable for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses in Dubai. Agile principles can be adapted to meet the specific needs and constraints of small businesses. Flexibility and adaptability, faster time-to-market, efficient resource utilization, improved customer satisfaction, product discovery and risk mitigation are the benefits of agile consulting for small businesses. Overall, a good Agile consulting company in Dubai like Benzne can provide small businesses with the tools, methodologies, and best practices needed to adapt, innovate, and thrive in today’s competitive business environment. Small businesses can gain a competitive advantage, drive growth, and deliver greater value to customers by undertaking agile consultancy services in Dubai.

Agile consulting in Dubai can help businesses overcome several specific challenges, including rapid growth and change, complexity in project management, cultural diversity, technological innovation, market competition, regulatory compliance, and resource optimization.

It is our objective to become one of the best Agile consulting companies in Dubai and empower businesses to enhance their competitiveness, add exceptional value to their core business, drive innovation and achieve sustainable and scalable growth in a dynamic business environment.

Agile consulting in Dubai or any other place globally, is all about understanding the business landscape, organizational culture, current processes and the business objectives and them marrying them all together using agile as an underlying guiding principle to design a agile transformation journey. A good Agile consultancy services in Dubai or anywhere in the world should adapt to the unique cultural and business environment by understanding cultural nuances, tailoring and contextualizing agile practices, encouraging team collaboration, respecting work-life balance, adapting to regulatory requirements, embracing innovation and building a customer-centric approach.


By incorporating these considerations into the consulting approach, the Agile transformation consultant in Dubai can effectively adapt to the unique cultural and business environment thereby helping businesses harness the benefits of Agile methodologies while respecting local norms and preferences.

The speed at which your team sees improvements after implementing Agile practices can vary depending on various factors such as the size of your team, the complexity of your projects, the level of commitment from team members, and the extent to which Agile practices are adopted and implemented effectively. However, here are some general timelines you might expect:


Immediate Benefits (Within Weeks) will reflect in the form  enhanced communication, increased visibility, and early feedback.

Short-term improvements (Within a Few Months) will be reflected in improved productivity, faster time to market and better adaptability.

Medium to Long-Term Benefits (Six Months to a Year and Beyond) will be reflected as enhanced quality, increased innovation and stronger team collaboration.


It’s essential to note that Agile transformation is a journey rather than a destination. Continuous learning, adaptation and improvements are fundamental aspects of Agile transformation. Therefore, while you may start seeing benefits relatively quickly after implementing Agile practices, continuous commitment and dedication to the Agile mindset and principles are crucial for successful Agile transformation and business agility. Keep these points in mind while you explore agile transformation consultancy in Dubai.

Good Agile consulting firms in Dubai can contribute to increased efficiency and productivity in your operations by streamlining processes, prioritizing and focusing on continuous improvement, adaptability to change, empowering teams, improving communication, enabling cross-functional collaboration and data-driven decision-making.


Organizations using Agile consulting services in Dubai should focus on optimizing their processes, enhancing collaboration and adapting quickly to change, this will ultimately lead to increased efficiency, productivity and competitive advantage in the market.


Iterative development, cross-functional collaboration, customer-centric approach, experimentation and learning, lean principles, continuous improvement, and flexible planning and prioritization are a few ways in which top Agile consulting firms in Dubai supports innovation and adaptability. 


By leveraging Agile consulting in Dubai and Agile coaching in Dubai, businesses can foster a culture of innovation, experimentation, and adaptability, enabling them to thrive in the dynamic and competitive market landscape of the region.

Integrating Agile methodologies into your current business processes without disruption is not only possible but the core KRA of any good agile consulting company. Ensuring this requires careful planning, communication and commitment from all stakeholders. A seamless integration can be achieved by assessment, planning, education and training, picking up low hanging pilot projects, incremental adoption, open communication, collaborative implementation, continuous improvement and flexibility and adaptability.


Follow these steps to foster a culture of collaboration, learning, and adaptability and you should be able to integrate Agile methodologies into your current business processes with minimal disruption and maximize these benefits with the help of the best Agile consulting companies in Dubai.


The level of involvement expected from your team during the Agile implementation process is significant, as successful Agile adoption relies heavily on the active participation and commitment of all team members along with the support of a team of top Agile transformation consultant in Dubai.


Overall, the success of Agile implementation relies on the collective effort and commitment of your team members along with the agile consultants. By actively participating in Agile practices, collaborating effectively, and embracing Agile principles, your team can maximize the benefits of Agile and drive successful outcomes for your organization.

Yes, we offer customized training modules for our clients. Benzne is an award winning agile consulting and training company. Our team of hands-on agile practitioners are some of the best agile experts in the industry. We approach agile training requirements as a great stepping stone for the organizations to bring an awareness about agility and what it entails and why it should be pursued. This triggers the know-do-be agile journey in the organization.


We typically explore the business outcomes expected to be impacted by agile training being planned by the client and their current level of knowledge and expertise. The workshop delivery plan is then tweaked as per the important knowledge areas, tools, practices, roles, frameworks and ceremonies. We also keep simulations as part of the workshop to give participants a real feel of the actual process on the ground. 

Benzne as an Agile transformation consulting firm stays updated on the latest industry trends and best practices through several methods. Continuous learning, networking, collaboration with clients, research and thought leadership, internal training and knowledge sharing and above all – active engagements where we are continuously solving problems and breaking barriers to achieve excellence keep our teams updated on the best practices on agile. This enables us to provide valuable expertise and guidance to clients seeking to adopt Agile methodologies and improve their business processes in a time bound, milestone driven, framework agnostic manner. 

A typical agile transformation journey starts with an assessment of the As-Is state, preparation of an assessment report and presentation of the findings and suggested transformation roadmap with the senior stakeholders for onboarding them.


This is a short engagement and leadership team feedback is duly noted and all options presented and discussed with them. We start the transformation after the leadership and stakeholder buy-in is there.


Additionally, the next step in the transformation is to implement the agile ways of working in select pilot teams and projects. The performance and learnings from this pilot phase is closely analyzed and shared with the key stakeholders to iterate and scale across more teams.

Regular check-ins and reviews, continued training and education, mentoring and coaching, community of practice, resource library, and cross-functional collaboration are a few strategies, through which we provide ongoing support and assistance to the internal teams, ensuring that they have the resources, guidance, and encouragement needed for long-term success in their Agile journey.

The expected ROI for businesses in Dubai that adopt agile methodologies include faster time-to-market, improved product quality, increased customer satisfaction, enhanced adaptability and flexibility, optimized resource utilization and improved team productivity.

Benzne, as a Agile consulting company in Dubai, believes in empowering teams, driving innovation and delivering exceptional value through Agile methodologies. It is our endeavor to set a benchmark in agile coaching in Dubai.

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