Safe Practitioner Workshop and Training


SAFe practitioner workshop
Introducing SAFe
  • Connect with SAFe and the SAFe Configurations
  • Explore Lean, the Agile Manifesto, and SAFe Principles
  • Identify Scrum, Kanban and Extreme Programming (XP) Practices
Building an Agile team
  • Build Your Team
  • Explore the Scrum Master and Product Owner roles
  • Meet the Teams and People on the Agile Release Train
Planning the Iteration
  • Prepare the Backlog
  • Plan the Iteration: Purpose, Process, Result, Commitment
Executing the Iteration
  • Visualize the Flow of Work
  • Measure the Flow of Work
  • Build Quality In
  • Continuously Integrate, Deploy, and Release
  • Control Flow with Meetings
  • Demo Value
  • Retrospect and Improve
Executing the PI
  • Plan Together
  • Integrate and Demonstrate Together
  • Learn Together
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SAFe Practitioner Workshop

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