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Organizational Agility in a fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange firm

Organizational Agility in a fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange firm


Our Client is one of India’s leading & fastest growing Cryptocurrency exchange startups,  the client is a real disruptor with a highly motivated, skilled young team with cutting edge technological capabilities. They build intelligent solutions for their customers and focus to deploy continuously to enhance their customer experience & improve productivity.


The company is completely remote post pandemic and the team is located across India.


They want to streamline their development process to achieve continuous delivery and agility in practices to respond to change to compete with market uncertainty, competition and stakeholders demand in a dynamic, rapidly changing environment with frequent regulatory requirements.


Key Business Demands – Streamline process, incremental delivery, transparency, predictability, continuous monitoring and improvements through metrics, improved collaboration in remote teams and overall quality of delivery through best engineering practices aligned with the core business model.


Our journey started by identifying a pilot project with Agile and Scrum adoption, which was later scaled to all teams in a span of a few months.


  • 50+ engineers were coached on agile ways of working.
  • Implemented Scrum in 7+ teams.
  • Role based coaching and training for product owners, engineering managers and development team.
  • Teams were coached on multiple collaboration tools & techniques.
  • Advance Jira best practice were introduced and leveraged for maximum impact
  • Inculcated requirements breakdown and estimation techniques in regular practices.
  • Streamlined metrics and dashboards and coached the team on interpretation and retrospection for continuous improvement.
  • Periodic outcome based improvement and status updates to leaders on value delivered


  • Uniform & consistent agile adoption within the organization
  • Creation and sustenance of self-managed, mature Agile teams
  • Improved understanding of client centric requirements and estimation of work  which impacted the overall clarity, ownership and predictability
  • Teams started demonstrating incremental delivery in the iteration that accelerated the release
  • Introduction, implementation and maturity in engineering practices like pair programming, unit testing, automation etc. to improve the productivity and overall product quality
  • Streamlined and simplified business requirement documentation using brainstorming & async collaboration sessions including timeboxed meetings for remote working.
  • Confluence workspace, Jira dashboards, Velocity, Program level roadmap & many more metrics designed to visualize progress, quality, risks, impediments and others.
  • Data driven decision making using Jira reports standup & other discussions, tracking work progress, scope creep, commitment variance and other parameters.
  • Improved collaboration & work visibility across the team (what-next & when)
  • Overall sense of accountability, transparency, inspect & adapt culture
  • Grooming and internal capability development + creation of Agile playbook and reference videos for sustenance, uniformity, momentum and continuous improvement