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Business Agility Transformation for a global leader in Payments Solutions

Business Agility


How to implement agile for Payment clients? 


Our client is creating an omnichannel solution that once developed will replace the specific regional solutions & has more than 20+ components who need to work in tandem to deliver against the market commit dates. Leadership wants execution certainty at all levels – from individual performance till portfolio success.


Business drivers – Transparency, Predictability, Time to market, End-user satisfaction, Quality, Measurable outcomes/ productivity, Cost saving, Performance Optimization, Continuous Monitoring.


22 component teams

6 Regions

A Group size of 130+ engineers

2 coaches working closely with the teams for 12 months


Created COE, developed Scrum Master, Product Owner roles, and introduced Automation


Started with creating 4 success stories and within months scaled business agility across all components throughout the Omnichannel solution.


Scrum of scrums resolved Inter-team dependencies & alignment to shared goals in parent backlog. Burndown chart & velocity tracking minimized commit dates anomalies. Sprint cycles of all 20+ component teams were synced to bring program level transparency & predictability

Control charts to visualise wastes & reducing lead & cycle time
Cumulative flow diagram helped us in managing input queue & workload
Frequent reviews at component, inter-component & region level helped us visualizing end to end workflow & improving regression cycles to promote continuous testing and seamless production release.