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Essential Agile Metrics For Leadership

essential agile metrics for leaders

Success is relative


Success could be coincidental. Reality may hit once we run out of beginners luck . True success is to grow continuously, to be better than before at any point of reference. Leadership has a difficult task of achieving the business KPIs, maintaining sustainable growth along with happy and satisfied customers and employees. Leaders want to grow along with changing dynamics, period. Correct and relevant metrics are instrumental to make data driven decision making to realize these outcomes..


This is how we understand Agile leadership


All businesses want to attain client centricity. Client expectations are dynamic and it is tough for organizations to bring such agility to respond to them. Balancing both execution certainty and client certainty is the key to agile leadership. And we need such metrics which can help us in tracking the progress over such business drivers.


Some of the Commonly Used metrics (we also use them) are Burndown chart, Velocity graph, Cumulative flow diagram and Control charts.


In addition to these, we publish few other metrics, listed below, for our clients, they have been extremely well received by the leadership.


Product Timeline Big Picture


      • It is important to lay out the progress across the timeline (sprints) and then continuously update it based on rolling wave planning
      • It exposes the inter component dependencies

Sprint-wise Release Health forecast


      • Release burnup charts to showcase the planned vs actual trends
      • Risk burn down chart
      • Team health assessment and comparative analysis
      • Velocity variance & Commitment Variance

Agility Health checks


      • Quarterly team agility health assessment & growth plan
      • Inter-team analysis and collective growth plan
      • Key strengths and areas for improvement

Net Promoter Score or Customer Satisfaction Index


      • Feedback on Interim release post-sprint showcase
      • Post release feedback
      • Feedback on operations & maintenance support



      • Escaped defects
      • Continuous monitoring of performance metrics
      • Defects density
      • Automation coverage
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