Author: Anuj Ojha

Anuj Ojha is Co-Founder & Consulting Head at Benzne. Anuj has designed & led multiple turnkey transformation journeys across industries, domains & geographies and has 16+ years of experience as an agile practitioner. He has worked with CXOs, CTOs & Key Leaders to translate their business objectives on the ground, contextualizing org transformations and creating buy-in across level, leading a team of coaches/consultants to implement agility across 150+ teams & trained more than 12k team members. Anuj’s core area of interest is business agility & working with leaders & teams to achieve long term sustainable, Agile culture & mindset.
SAFe Transformation

What is SAFe Transformation?

SAFe stands for ‘Scaled Agile Framework’ and stands tall as one of the popular and widely applied approaches for organizations who want to drive SAFe transformation, bringing agility at all levels.i.e Many such approaches are prevalent in the market like the Spotify model, Nexus, LeSS, LeSS Huge, Scrum at Scale, Read More

SAFe Transformation

How to scale agile using SAFe?

SAFe, or Scaled Agile Framework, is a set of principles and practices for Lean-Agile development and software engineering. It provides a framework for coordinating and aligning the efforts of multiple Agile teams, and helps organizations to scale Agile development to meet the needs of large, complex software development projects. SAFe Read More

Business Agility

What Is Business Agility? | Introduction And Overview

Business agility refers to an organization’s ability to quickly and effectively adapt to changes in the market, technology, customer needs, and other external factors in the digital age. It involves a culture of continuous improvement and a willingness to embrace change, and it requires a combination of technical, operational, and Read More