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Agile Metrics For Leadership

Agile Metrics For Leadership: Navigating to Successful Business

Due to the ever-changing business dynamics in the past couple of decades, agile ways of working have sidelined other approaches in the software development space. Initially, this transition faced a lot of resistance due to the nature of vague explanations to specific and pointed questions by the stakeholders and the Read More

user story template img

User Story Template – A Step By Step Guide

Traditional projects had requirements in the form of work breakdown structure which were written as features (Ex: login feature, search feature). With this type of requirement writing, development teams wrote code while keeping in mind the specifications written by the business analyst. However, a single project had multiple personas involved Read More

agile testing

What is Agile Testing? Process & Life Cycle

Agile testing, like agile itself, is not limited to a set of practices but requires a mindset shift towards improving quality at all the stages of a project/product. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, software development teams face the challenge of delivering high-quality products at speed, without compromising on reliability or Read More

Agile vs Waterfall

Agile vs Waterfall: Key Differences

Any project involves Planning, Doing, Checking, and Acting/Adjusting as part of the delivery (the all-familiar PDCA). We start with requirement gathering, move to planning followed by designing, and then proceed with development, testing, and deployment in that order. These are the basic steps involved in the development of software or Read More

project management tools

Top 15 Agile Project Management Tools to Boost Productivity

Discover the top 15 Agile project management tools, complete with detailed insights into their pros and cons, key features, and popular usage. Enhance your project efficiency with our comprehensive guide to the best Agile tools available.  NiftyPM JIRA ProofHub Smartsheet Wrike Zoho Sprints Monday.com Teamwork Active Collab Version one Trello Read More

Best Agile Practices

Top 15 Agile Best Practices for Building Highly Effective Teams

Here are the top 15 Agile Best Practices for Building Highly Effective Teams. Create the sprint backlog during the planning meeting Encourage self-organizing teams Maintain charts to monitor progress Sprint reviews to present work Sprint retrospectives to learn from the previous sprint Release planning meeting to create a release plan Read More