Author: Alok Dimri

Alok Dimri is the co-founder and leads the overall business at Benzne, where he is responsible for strategy, client and consultant partnerships, and a whole lot of other core business activities like solutioning, branding, and customer engagement. Over the past 16 years, he has worked extensively in business strategy, new business development, and key account management initiatives across process consulting and training domains.
Top Agile Transformation Strategies for Business

Top Agile Transformation Strategies for Business

In the digital age organizations have to constantly adapt to a VUCA environment, stay ahead of their competition, implement Agile Transformation Strategies, know what their customer wants and deliver the right products faster. How do they do it consistently, successfully and in a scalable way? The solution lies in constant Read More

Planning Agile Training

What Should The Learning Team Keep In Mind While Planning Agile Training?

Agile training is a form of education and professional development intervention focused on the Agile methodology and its principles, practices, and tools. The goal of Agile training is to help individuals and organizations understand and effectively implement the Agile ways of working. There are many different types of Agile training Read More