Author: Sudha Madhuri

Sudha Madhuri is an Agile practitioner with 19+ global experience across Industry domains. She has worked extensively as a trainer and coach. Sudha has delivered 200+ training programs around Agile, Scrum, Kanban and Project/Program Management covering more than 8k+ professionals. Sudha has been part of multiple agile transformations across product and service based organisations. She has transformed 50+ agile teams, helping them build an agile culture at team and program level.
project management tools

Top 15 Agile Project Management Tools to Boost Productivity

Discover the top 15 Agile project management tools, complete with detailed insights into their pros and cons, key features, and popular usage. Enhance your project efficiency with our comprehensive guide to the best Agile tools available.  NiftyPM JIRA ProofHub Smartsheet Wrike Zoho Sprints Teamwork Active Collab Version one Trello Read More

Agile Principles

What are the 12 Agile Principles?

In today’s environment, continuous evolution, responding to change and ever increasing demands are must for every organization. Agility in practice, both at organizational and individual levels, thus becomes very important and key to giving an organization a competitive edge. Agility in its simplest sense is nothing but continually moving in Read More

Conduct Effective Sprint Planning

How To Conduct Effective Sprint Planning: The Ultimate Guide

Planning, no matter what the occasion, happens almost everyday.Planning is an activity which describes the activities , resources, timelines needed to deliver the output in the question. In the scrum framework the timeline & resources ( Human Resources ) are fixed. The duration of an iteration or sprint is timeboxed. The Read More