How to improve interactions within teams

How To Improve Collaboration In Cross Functional Teams

A “Team” is generally defined as a group of people. Who work together towards a shared goal. In my experience, effective interaction forms the bedrock of such a ‘team’ – a factor often taken for granted. All the more true in an agile environment, where one sees high levels of ambiguity, uncertainty and diversity.

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Secret Sauce of all Retrospective techniques

Best Retrospective Techniques For Agile Teams

In Scrum framework, retrospective is the last event of each sprint and has also been one of the most rushed events in our experience. This has meant that the event has failed in helping the team, consequently failing in its purpose and has thus been considered mostly as an helpless event.

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essential agile metrics for leaders

Essential Agile Metrics For Leadership

Popular agile metrics like burndown chart, velocity graph, cumulative flow, control charts and many others are confined to one team and limits the management view. Senior leadership is keen to know metrics like consistency, predictability, productivity, reliability and other business KPIs..

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