Author: Sujith G

Sujith G. is an agile practitioner with expertise in setting up the agile environment by coaching and training teams, individuals and stakeholders in the area of lean agile software principles. He has overall 12+ years of exp out of which 9+ years have been in Agile and Scrum implementation and adoption. Sujith has coached 70+ teams on agile practices & implementation techniques and has extensive experience in setting up metrics, JIRA & Azure DevOps. Experienced in identifying gaps in the system, creating scrum awareness, piloting and scaling scrum.
Best Agile Practices

15 Best Agile Practices For Effective Teams

Current times demand organizations to quickly adapt to changes in the customer demands, technology, design patterns, competitive landscape & a plethora of other things in constant flux. Agile ways of working have become very popular across industries because it promotes and encourages flexibility, collaboration and ways to respond to uncertainty. Read More

Agile Release Train

Establishing The First Agile Release Train: A Definitive Guide

Scaled Agile Framework – SAFe is one of the most trusted set of principles, practices and structures companies adopt to scale their agile practices at an organization or enterprise level. Companies adopt SAFe with a purpose of achieving their goals hand in hand reaping the benefits of business itself being Read More

Agile Transformation Metrics

Key Agile Transformation Metrics For Measuring Business Success

Agile transformation is a journey which organizations take to help teams move towards better and relevant ways of working. Two of the main mindsets of agile are “Inspect and adapt”  and “Continuous Improvement”, agile transformation also follows the same principles where teams and businesses lay out a plan for the Read More