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Org agility at Major Insurance Firm by bringing Inter-Functions Fluidity using SPOTIFY Agile

Organisational Agility case study


How to implement agile for Insurance clients? 

Our Client wants to bring new ways of working to adapt to changing trends and inculcate one team mindset.

The org has a hierarchical structure, bureaucracy & hand-over delays. Almost all initiatives are dependent on multiple functions with conflicting interests, siloed management, lack of ownership & resistance to change.

Traditional SDLC models are loosely implemented, escalations & interpersonal relationships are used to resolve bottlenecks and there is a lack of new-age project management to improve visualization, which is necessary in remote working environments caused due to COVID pandemic.


A year-long transformation journey, identified pilot projects, formed PODs, trained ~80+ members across functions, defined process frameworks, formulated Agile Community with 70+ members & 7 core committee leaders

Implemented Scrum in a ~50-member digital program involving multiple functions, vendors & systems with periodic agility health assessments & scaling using SPOTIFY agile model

Teams were coached on collaboration tools & techniques. The Project Program Management governance framework was redefined with product discovery, business metrics & client centricity aspects. Periodic showcase to leaders on value delivered & this improved trust and bond between levels. 


Streamlined POD structure to create ONE TEAM mindset for faster resolution, quick decision making & meaningful communication. Improved visibility at leadership levels through weekly insights using measurable indicators on online dashboards (also RAID logs, RAG reports & other BAU)

Simplified cumbersome business requirement documentation activities through shorter feedback loops, outcome based brainstorming sessions & interactive, simple knowledge base. Agenda based timeboxed meetings enhanced discipline, focus, & productivity essential for remote working.

Jira dashboards, Velocity, Gantt, burndown charts & many more metrics designed to visualize progress, quality, risks, impediments and others. ‘Agile Ready Reckoner’ and ‘Agile Playbook’ prepared for stakeholders at various levels.