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Agile at Scale led by Spotify Model for a leading Product Engineering Firm

agile at scale led by Spotify model


How to implement Agile for Product clients? 


Our client is serving their UK-based partner for digital projects on audio domain. Here the software & hardware intervention is key and there has been a huge dependency on the availability of devices by OEMs

Communication among all stakeholders – development team is based in India, the product owners are based in the US, the project coordinator is in Taiwan and the project sponsors are based in the UK


Business drivers – Transparency, Predictability, Time to market, End-user satisfaction, Quality, Measurable outcomes/ productivity, Cost saving, Performance Optimization, Continuous Monitoring.


4 Scrum teams & multiple business leaders

Distributed teams across 2 Regions

A Group size of 38 engineers

Pilot Spotify Agile model

2 coaches working closely with the teams for 3 months remotely

Streamlined reporting and metrics Created COE, developed Scrum Master, Product Owner roles, implemented agile at scale, and introduce Behavior Driven Development.


Restructured teams to make them more focused towards client expectations with fully dedicated resources and a stable outlook to avoid context switching. Resolved challenges of Distributed teams like language, cross-culture & time zone differences.


In remote working, it was imp not to get trapped in zillion meetings, the concept of ‘no meeting zones’ to optimize productive time was implemented.


We scaled using the Spotify Agile model, a cross-team technical knowledge-sharing group to benefit from economy of scale. Metrics & reports to bring visibility to all including clients, Improvised project management tool – JIRA and made it more relevant.