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Waterfall to Agile transition for a Payment Solutions group in Petroleum Domain using Scaled agile SAFe

Waterfall to Agile Transition


How to implement Waterfall to Agile for clients? 


Our client is focused on providing end-to-end user experience at gas stations in North America & South America which includes Point of Sale, Forecourt, Food Services, and other areas. The teams were working on legacy systems and needed to upgrade to new systems while supporting the new digital requirements of their customers


The group was distributed across India, the US, and Canada


Teams were of varied agenda – customer projects, new initiatives, technical excellence


Have been working in waterfall and have no experience on agile ways of working.


13 Scrum teams & multiple business leaders

2 Regions, Distributed Teams

A Group size of 105 engineers

3 coaches working closely with the teams for 12 months


Implemented business contingency plan for the effects caused due to covid-19. Implemented scaled agile SAFe approach. Bridging cross culture gaps and bringing harmony in distributed teams and hierarchy.


Product discovery was internalized to bring  client centricity through persona mapping & user journeys. Teams were trained &  coached teams on Essential SAFe & preparing incremental cadence


Enact business contingency plan to cope up with immediate remote working situation due to pandemic and ensure BAU.


Conducted 6 months programs to train the in-house Scrum Master & Product Owner candidates to ensure self-organizing trait across the group


Ensured fulfilment of business KPI of timely delivery and visibility of progress.