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Organizational Agility in a major IT Services Firm using Role-based Coaching

Organizational Agility in IT Firm


How to implement agile for IT Services clients? 


Our Client is one of the major IT services firms. They build intelligent solutions for their customers by applying a data-driven approach to enhance their customer experience & improve productivity.


They want to streamline their delivery process to ensure all the projects follow agile ways of working to support various models like TNM, Fixed bid, and retainer models, and support their customer’s ( existing and New) increased demand of agile delivery methodology


Key Business Demands – Need Streamlined process, KPI metrics, and reporting to drive predictability productivity, transparency, improved customer collaboration, and overall quality of delivery.


Coached 300+ engineers on agile ways of working

Implemented Scrum in 19 teams

Implemented Kanban in 4 teams

Role-based coaching and training for 15 Project managers

Jira best practice trainings and coaching for 23 Project teams


Streamlined metrics and reporting with a common template for all projects


Setup Process compliance to track and validate agile adoption.


Trainings and handholding the entire workforce ensured relevant agile knowledge within the organization

Project-level hands-on coaching for the teams and key stakeholders helped driving of all the projects with appropriate agile frameworks

Automated Jira reports helped teams, customers, and key stakeholders to track the metrics and reporting was seamless

Introduction to discovery sessions ensured harmony between customers, sales and delivery teams

Velocity chart, control chart, cumulative flow diagram, burndown chart, and other metrics helped the stakeholders with execution certainty.